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Welcome to Celebration Tree Farm & Wellness Center

Today- December 3'd 
Is our

Unless you are an existing member!

We still have a good selection of Pre-Cut Trees
Balsam Snowflakes
Lil' Trees!
Unfortunately, Cut-Your -Own is now 

Closed for the season.



About Celebration Tree Farm

          & Wellness Center



We are Southern Maine's certified organic tree farm for your celebrations!  For 30 years, our trees have grown naturally in harmony with the forest. We are now a multi-stakeholder cooperative that is working together to care for our forest.  We are proud to practice ecological forestry at our farm in Durham, where we use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides so that our trees don’t bring toxins into your home.  We are one of the only certified organic Christmas tree farms in Maine. We are also planting trees and working to sequester carbon in our forests.  We are happy to share our organic trees for your family's Celebrations.  

Our Wellness Center provides a space for you to retreat, ground, and heal through Yoga, Reiki, Wellness Consultation & Planning. Spending time in our beautiful gardens, firepit, and along trails in the woods can be some of the best places in nature for the facilitation of healing, comfort, and connection.

Your body is already designed to heal itself in so many ways ~ broken bones, deep wounds, viruses, and so much more. Imagine the possibilities when you have various practices to draw from, that enhance this inherent ability!  At any age, no matter what you believe is possible, there are so many ways to give yourself the gift of self-care, self-connection, and self-love. With almost 20 years of experience, Burd can help you find the best place to start or reinvigorate your health and wellness.

Our Community Supported Forest is another new offering where families and people can connect with nature and each other through trees, wellness, art, food, and water. Together with our community, Celebration Tree Farm and Wellness Center and Land in Common Community Land Trust are bringing 110 acres of forest land on Abenaki Territory, now rural Durham, Maine, into a lands commons so that it is preserved, used, and enjoyed.  Through a new membership program, community members in Southern Maine can invest in the forest and develop a relationship with the forest and receive benefits for their families including a Celebration Tree and wreath, discounts on wellness classes and offerings, and year-round forest trail access. 

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