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About Elizabeth Fertig-Burd

Elizabeth is a Maine native who grew up in the country really appreciating the nearby woods, lakes, deeply connecting with nature, and learning how to grow nourishing, healthy food. She also grew up dancing and singing and was very happy when she discovered she could work in the wellness industry helping people feel better through movement. Elizabeth became a certified Personal Trainer in 2002, a Kripalu yoga teacher in 2004, and a Reiki Master and teacher in 2017.  She has taught in Portland, South Portland, Cumberland, Falmouth, Scarborough, Freeport, Yarmouth, and now at Celebration Tree Wellness Center in Durham. She has taught n public schools, private schools, libraries, community rec programs, and in studios. She produced a video about Yoga for Parkinson's Disease And Other Movement Disorders which sold worldwide.  

Elizabeth loves to teach and specializes in teaching yoga for people with mobility issues and people who say “I can’t do yoga” What she enjoys most about her work is helping people, and watching so many “AH HA!” moments.

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