Community Supported Forest Memberships






The Celebration Tree Community Supported Forest will be a place for families and people to connect with nature and each other through trees, wellness, art, food, and water. Together with our community, Celebration Tree Farm and Wellness Center and Land in Common Community Land Trust are  bringing 110 acres of forest land on Abenaki Territory, now rural Durham, Maine, into a lands commons so that it is preserved, used and enjoyed.  Through a new membership program, community members in Southern Maine can invest in the forest and develop a relationship with the forest and receive benefits for their families.

Become a Founding Member! 

In 2020, we are launching the Community Supported Forest Member and we want you to be a founding member.  This year during the COVID crisis, you can help preserve land and have a place for you and your family to go outside of the city or town and enjoy the forest and camping.  The Community Supported Forest is supporting physical distancing and will be staying safe while we build our connection and spend time in nature.  

 We are seeking ten families to become our founding members and launch the Community Supported Forest this year.  You can become a member and/or support a low-income community member with a membership. Our founding members get the first pick of campsites and help develop the vision. 

We are excited to share our forest with you.  



Benefits of Membership:

Ecological Impact

  • Conserving 110 Acres of Forest Land near Portland and Lewiston-Auburn

  • Helping Sequester Carbon through Ecological Forestry, Organic Agriculture and Permaculture


Outdoor Recreation

  • Your Own Exclusive Rustic camping spot, physically separate from other sites

  • Year-Round Trail Access for walking, biking, or skiing including walking dogs off-leash


Trees and Food

  • First Choice of Trees each year of membership

  • Organic Celebration Tree, Wreath, Balsam Greens  and Lil’ Tree each year.  

  • Share of firewood each year.  

  • Space to grow food, fruit trees, herbs, mushrooms, and more


Community and Wellness

  • Discount on Holding Events at the Celebration Tree Barn

  • Discounts on Celebration Tree Farm & Wellness Center Events and Program


Cooperative Ownership

  • Celebration Tree Farm & Wellness Center is becoming a multi-stakeholder co-op in 2020 and our members will have the first opportunity to become owners.


Support Land Commons

  • Celebration Tree Farm & Wellness Center and Land in Common Community Land Trust are working together to create a land commons that expands access, justice and equity to land in Maine.  By becoming a member you are helping grow this mission.