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Safety Protocols

We would love you to join us in caring for one another

Celebration Tree Farm & Wellness Center cares about the wellness of us all.

Covid-19 has certainly changed how we do many activities, and we are committed to providing our wellness services while keeping everyone safe. If you asked my mom, she would say these guidelines are good old-fashioned

common sense.

 After each use of the Celebration Hot Tub we:

  • Run the "CLEAN" cycle of the tub to clean and disinfect using a combination of salt and chlorine.

  • Wipe down all surfaces of the tub with a disinfecting spray. 

  • Disinfect robe hooks, doorknobs, and any other surfaces that would most likely be touched. 

  • Provide clean robes, towels, and slippers waiting for you in the changing room. 

  •  Greet you wearing a face covering if requested.


We will gladly reschedule your appointment, or issue you a credit if you are ill in any way.

We ask that you agree to the following before arriving as we all work together to stay safe

  • Let us know if you have any symptoms like those of Covid-19

  •  If you test positive for Covid-19, or have been knowingly exposed ten days or fewer before or after your visit with us. Thank you.

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Covid-19 Health Declaration

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